Time Stamp

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new Marcia Avery (posted by independent bookseller Susan Thurin), Women and Relationships
Time Stamp kept me engaged throughout. Will and Reeve have a complex relationship and this, in turn, has a great effect on their daughter Maddie and her relationships with the important men in her life. Deeper communication between the partners and the generations is to be wished, and does seem to be more in Maddie’s life. Certainly in her parents’ time this type of communication was less common, in relationships overlaid by religion, custom, sentiment, and education. Ms. Meier has, for me, captured the life-style and prevalent thinking, spanning several generations, particularly in the opportunities, or lack thereof, for women. I loved the rich details of the setting descriptions, which range from the rural South to large cosmopolitan cities in America and Europe. I also appreciated the flow of background music throughout. I believe the writing in this novel is at the highest creative and expressive level; I equate it with the quality of Virginia Woolf’s writing.

newPam Greer, Powerful and Engaging
The wonderful characters in Time Stamp deal with death: death of loved ones, death of strangers, death of dreams. As they come to grips with these deaths, they change and become the strong characters the reader grows to love. While the theme of death runs throughout, this is not a morbid or depressing book, but a hopeful book that shows the strength of the human heart.
The book is aptly named, as it takes the reader forward and backward in time in the 20th century, to South Carolina, Washington D.C., Europe, and Thailand, as important events in history and in the characters’ lives unfold. The reader comes to know the characters intimately as Ms. Meier reveals their thoughts during life-altering events.
Emily Meier has an amazing writing style and imagination that give her both the ability to create settings that make the reader feel as if s/he is there and the ability to enable the reader to get inside the characters’ minds and feel what is in their hearts.
This is a powerful and engaging book. I loved it!

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