Selected Poems

You have sent me a postcard
of a pastel-washed house
alive somewhere along the Adriatic,
an electric meter (hung by a blue door) Read more…

Widening the Circle
How do they think we can do it so easily?
A stranger brought in to our midst
and we see first the deficiencies–
the undue candor or reticence of speech,
an odd shape to the upper lip, Read more…

It seems an act can stand-in for a child
for last year, when my life was spun
crazy with tasks–sanding,
the application of mastic and grout– Read more…

“If I Had Not Gone to Santa Fe”
If I had not gone to Santa Fe,

if I had not touched the decaying swirl
of Art Deco: Route 66 in Albuquerque, Read more…

“Jane on a Book”
There she is, Jane in the one picture of her claimed
as both recognizable and authentic. She has the shape
of a face you start with for a drawing assignment,
a perfect egg but wider in the middle. Read more…

I sit in the corner of the kitchen,
the Twins on,
your Invisible Strings in my hands. Read more…

Living in Water
Hurrying before trips to the chemo zone–
before the sun lips up and over
the freeway–they water plants listening Read more…

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