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New Civil War Novel Depicts Battles from Shiloh to Petersburg and Life on Indiana Homefront

Award-winning writer Emily Meier brings Civil War to life In Suite Harmonic

St. Paul, Minnesota, November 1, 2011—The culmination of extensive and far-ranging research, Emily Meier’s Suite Harmonic: A Civil War Novel of Rediscovery is now available in print and ebook. Suite Harmonic is the remarkable story of John Given, an Irish immigrant who, having abandoned his studies for the priesthood, arrives in New Harmony, Indiana in the afterglow of its utopian experiment and soon finds himself both in love with the town’s most alluring woman and immersed in the violence of war. Told with his sister’s counterpointing narrative on the homefront and shaped from a wealth of national and local documents and based on the actual war letters of John himself, Suite Harmonic  brings an unusual intensity and accuracy to an infantryman’s battlefield experience and an immigrant’s fraught quest to find his place in a new land.

John’s real war begins at Fort Donelson where he is shot. When he returns to the front it is to Pittsburg Landing where an immense Union encampment near Shiloh Church is about to be surprised on a perfect spring morning. It is not John’s last experience of battle. With the 25th Indiana, he also sees action at Hatchie River, in the amazing blockhouse defense against Van Dorn’s army in which 250 men confront 10,000, in Sherman’s early pillages through Mississippi, and at the Siege of Atlanta. By the end of the war, John has joined the eastern army for the Seige of Petersburg.

At home, John’s family and his sister Kate work to establish themselves in the historic village where the intellectual legacy of thinkers and scientists and artists reigns beside class tensions that strain the life of an Irish serving girl and where everyone is consumed with the war that has “passed like a storm over our little town.”

Written with the support of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, Suite Harmonic: A Civil War Novel of Rediscovery has been published in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the war’s start. Excerpts and extensive additional information can be found at Suite Harmonic is available in all ebook formats and on order in paperback from the distributor, Itasca Books, from Amazon and, and from independent booksellers.

About the Author:
Emily Meier, who lives in St. Paul, is a widely published fiction writer who has won numerous awards. Suite Harmonic is the debut work from Sky Spinner Press, which is publishing five additional Meier titles in an ambitious end-of-the-year launch. For more details on these titles and this unusual publishing project, visit, which includes a far-reaching interview with the writer and an on-line media kit.

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