On Writing in the Digital Age

As a reader of political blogs and a regular commenter on them, do you feel the work blogs and commenters are doing day in and day out is having any palpable impact on our political discourse, either on the way the big news organizations cover politics, or on the behavior of public officials and candidates? And related to that, do you see your fiction as an extension of your interest in politics? Are you commenting there as well?

—Greg Sargent, Washington, DC

Greg, I know that, as you’ve said, you’re “a huge fan and booster of what the blogs are doing” and that, as a blogger, you encourage responses and back and forth among your readers. I admire that a lot. Read more…

As your example could be of help to other writers seeking to get their work before the reading public, could you explain the unconventional process you are using and what makes it work for you?

—Rosemary James, New Orleans 

As simple and direct as this question is, Rosemary, this is my third stab at trying to answer it because it has the whole history of publishing, and the publishing experience of all writers, including me, as its back story. Read more…

When you started writing, there was no word processor or personal computer, no Internet.  Have these technological changes affected your work, and do you see the digital age as offering a possible solution to the continuing problem writers have encountered with distribution?

—Al Fisher, Ljubljana, Slovenia

I enjoy the memory lane questions, Al, and this is a particularly good one. Aside from using a sharp rock as a stylus to write on stone or using a quill pen, my writing history probably covers the gamut of tools writers have used to record their work. But I like the more subtle point you suggest—that the means of writing can have something to do with the writing itself. I think it does and I’ll try to explain what I mean. Read more…

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