On Time Stamp

Time Stamp chronicles the lives of a father and a daughter over many decades, but thrumming beneath the surface are the frustrations of the family matriarch—frustrations that are indelibly captured in a pastoral scene where she rides a spirited horse that ends in a grim, cruel moment.  Could you comment on how you view this character and her circumstances as a privileged, but unfulfilled, woman of a particular generation?

—Julia Hunter, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Julia, I was first caught by the word matriarch in this question because people often just think of a matriach as a woman who presides with a particular authority and age over a large family. Read more…

Did Time Stamp ever have another name, or did you call it that from the start?

 —Marjorie Horwitz, Scarsdale, New York

Like many of my short stories and all of my other books, Time Stamp had earlier titles before I settled on the name. I’ve actually always found titles a particular challenge. Read more…

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