Friends and people familiar with my work have sent me questions to answer about my books, my work process, my life as a writer, and about writing in general. You can follow the links below to the questions and their answers. Note also that the headings are now links so you can take a quick look at all the questions under a heading.

On Suite Harmonic
Questions from Eileen Hunter, Jim StinsonWilliam Emmick, Paulette Bates Alden, and Pam Greer
Time Stamp
Questions from Marjorie Horwitz and Julia Hunter
In the Land of the Dinosaur
Question from David Douglas 
On The Second Magician’s Tale
–Questions from Mary Byers and Kathleen Jesme
Watching Oksana
Question from Marion Lang
On Clare, Loving
Question from Marianne Hermann
On Poetry 
–Questions from Rob Schmitz and Dai Xiaohong
On All of the Work
Questions from Elizabeth Sheinkman, Tom Champion, John Minczeski, and Jane Schraceo
On the Process of Writing
–Questions from Peter Hessler Bernie Latham, Susan Thurin, Ann HobbieBonnie West, Jesmia Avery, JaQuise StewartDiane Craig, and Alvin Greenberg
On Being a Writer
–Questions from Dana Gioia, Michael GivenJosh Marshall, Sigrid Nunez, Janet Holmes, Mildred JamesMartha DouglasStuart Krahn, David Bartlett and Richard Solly
On Writing Historical Fiction
–Questions from Kate KlonickBradley GreenburgMichael MoranRachel Murphy, and Susan Welsch
On Genre in Writing
Questions from  Monika ZagarDarshan Perusek, and Carole Flint
On Being an American Writer
–Questions from  Geoffrey Metcalf and Donald Warfield
On Being a Woman Writer
Questions from Mary MichaelsMarie-Françoise Theodore, and Birgitta Nybeck
On Writing in the Digital Age
Questions from Greg SargentAl Fisher, and Rosemary James
On Writing and the Other Arts
–Questions from Jack MilroyDavid Cost, Mary Coolidge Cost, and Patricia Zontelli
new On Editing
–Questions from Alexis Easley, et. al.
On Things Irish
Questions from Adelaide Hogarty Butler and Paddy Sweeney
On the Interview
Question from Kris Swenson

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