Reports of Christmas, 1863

The following two letter excerpts are from the John Given collection, the primary source for Suite Harmonic.Transcripts are included below each excerpt.

John Given in the field with the 25th Indiana, writing to his parents, John and Margaret Given, in New Harmony, Indiana:

                                                                                                La Grange, Tenn. 
                                                                                                December 30th, 1863 

I hope that you have had a very merry Christmas . . . and will have a happy New Year.  We had rather a poor Christmas when compared with what we might have had at home, but considering that we have been out in the field for a long time, we fared very well. 
      We had some fresh meat and a drachma and that was all except that we were all in readiness for a march or any other thing.                                                                                                

Caroline Thrailkill to John Given:

                                                                                             New Harmony, Indiana 
                                                                                             January 7, 1864

We had rather a dull Christmas in Harmony  their was nothing going on more than usual  Their was two balls  I believe those that went to the balls enjoyed themselves.  As I was not in the habit of going to balls and mother was not very well I spent my Christmas at home reading.  I believe the boys enjoyed themselves very well in brakeing down fences and gates and making fences across the street  they took an old buggy and put it up on Bill Fontelroys shop and broke up one of Dick Ford’s wagons and made a pig pen in front of the store and put an old hack and dray in the pen so they had the street completely fenced up  as for New Years it passed off as usual  I believe it was worse than usual for it was so cold that a person could scarce go out  it commenced snowing New Years Eve and has been snowing more or less ever since  it has been snowing all day today.

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