Time Stamp


From Chapter One
October, 1911, Near Honea Path, South Carolina

Will had repeated the trip back and forth between the river and Jelly three or four times when he heard a car in the distance. He could tell that the sound was coming from across the bridge in the direction Joe had gone and, in another moment, he realized what he heard was more than one car.

It surprised him and he stood near the road waiting, thinking he would wave for help. He could see a puff of dusty air swelling above the road and he heard the rumble of car engines growing louder and louder. It sounded like a parade out in the middle of nowhere. And then slowly, slowly like water rising to crest over a mud dam, like a rain barrel filling, the knowledge of what was happening came to Will. Read more…

Chapter Two
From December, 1997, London

For the briefest instant, Ellen Wheelock thought Guy had pushed up behind her. She expected his hand on her shoulder. She listened for the low-voiced Maddie that was her name for most purposes and most people, and short for her middle name, which was Madeleine. Read more…

Chapter Four
Flashback from 1979, Colombia

And now we must sleep, Maddie thought, and just how do we do that?  She was suddenly lonely for Guy. Achingly lonely. She wanted him to see this child who was so unlike the children she usually caught with her camera. The ones who pulled at her shirt and mugged for her. The ones who gave her their affection instantly and expected her love in return and stuck to her like glue. This child, she was certain, expected nothing. Read more…

Chapter Five new
1929, Washington, DC

The horses were moving at a slow walk through the grass and, as they came down the incline at the edge of the meadow, Reeve pushed hers into a trot. Will followed her when she turned back onto the bridle path and, as he leaned forward against the horse’s neck to clear under the branches that curved down from the embankment next to the trail, he smelled the leather of the saddle and the reins. He could feel the horse’s muscles as it bumped beneath him. Read more…

Chapter Eleven (from part iii)
December 1972, Washington DC

The meal was convivial in a way Will had almost forgotten. He and James sat across from each other drinking wine and talked of everything—of how they had both distrusted intuition for all their lives and yet believed in it anyway, that the song one sings is the mirror of an idea, that the slip of the tongue reveals a preoccupation. Read more…

Chapter Eleven (from part iv) new
December, 1972, Washington DC

The lights went off and Carter started the projector for Maddie, its beam shooting like a searchlight across the room. Will heard the fan blowing.

“A few architectural bits,” Maddie said, and Will thought City of Light, City of Lights—which was it? Read more…

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