The Heat of the Sun

It baffles me still that we even got married, Julian and I, though I have tried lists to explain it. Mine is short: how could I not marry him?  He was not my childhood dream of a prince, but more. In his way, he was very like a god.

Apollo. I have thought Apollo.

But Julian’s list?  My scarves and wands from Gregor?  The whole mix of magic and astrology and vaudeville lore I brought with me?  A suspicion he had that I was ephemeral, out of time, that if I was to be considered or kept at all, it required a legal means?  I do not know his list. I know only that we’d stumbled into entering the lists, that large circumference for sport and jousting and combat (with me wearing Julian’s colors), and that there was also the exciting list of all the things I had to do.


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