Note: One of the unusual aspects of Suite Harmonic: A Civil War Novel of Rediscovery is that all the named characters, from the greenest private to the New Harmony serving girls, are based on actual people. (There are two exceptions. As the author’s note indicates, Bridget Given is an assumed character and Hamilton the clerk created for story purposes.) But the following character list, provided in its entirety from the book, offers readers a chance to look for their own family names and connections among the book’s soldiers and civilians.


Officers and Men of the 25th Indiana

Colonel James Veatch, regimental commander
Lieutenant Colonel William Morgan
Major John Foster
Major John Walker, surgeon
Major Jesse Walker, adjutant
Colonel James Veatch, regimental commander
Lieutenant Colonel William Morgan
Major John Foster
Major John Walker, surgeon
Major Jesse Walker, adjutant

Company A
Captain “Wash Saltzman
Lieutenant Enoch Randolph, later captain
Lieutenant Absalom Boren, husband of Charlotte Sampson Boren and later captain
James P. Bennett, sergeant and later captain
Reverend John Heuring
Robert Clark
Felix Edmonds
George Ham, last captain Company A
Alex Hugo
John Hugo
Romeo Keister
Max Munte
Fred Perkey
Bill Reid, one of the band boys
Jacob Schaen
Henry Schafer
Bill Taylor
Levi Thrailkill, also on town list
George Tretheway
Dave Vint

Company B
Captain John Rheinlander, later lieutenant colonel of regiment
Captain Alexander Darling

Company F
Captain Victor Larkin
Robert Shannon, later captain
Albert Norcross

New Harmony Men in the 15th Indiana 

Harry Beal (see Beal Family)
Godfrey Gundrum
Harry Husband
Vic Miller
Jim Rippeto 

Officers and Men of the 208th

Lieutenant Colonel William McCall 

Company C
Captain Prosper Dalien
Lieutenant Albert Corl
Jimmy Cassady
Joshua Delancy
Patrick Feeney
Joe Feagan
Joe McAfee

Company D
Lieutenant F. W. Keller
John Gaugler

Company L
James O’Neal


New Harmony Residents during the Civil War 

Given Family
Emigrants from the townland of Drumboarty in County Donegal, Ireland
John Sr.
Margaret O’Donnell Given, his wife
Absent Member: Bridget (Biddy), who died during the PotatoFamine 

Thrailkill Family
Jesse, Tennessee native and a member of one of the Owenite communities
Mary (Polly) Flora Thrailkill, his wife
Levi, one of John Given’s two best friends
Absent Members: Mary Ellen Thrailkill Barton, resident of Galatia, Illinois, and mother of Mary Ann Barton and wife of Captain William Barton
Amaline, who died in the 1850s

Sampson Family
Employers of Margaret Mulhern, Margaret O’Donnell Given’s niece
James, prominent New Harmony citizen and Feiba Peveli settler in Owenite period
Eliza Wheatcroft Sampson, his wife, Owenite, and daughter of Mary Maidlow, original Harmonist known for her home cures
Eliza Sampson Cox, wife of E. T. Cox, geologist
Charlotte Sampson Boren, wife of Absalom Boren
Mollie Sampson Owen, wife of JulianDale Owen

Lichtenberger Family
Kate Given’s employers Adam, prominent town merchant
Caroline Beal Lichtenberger, his wife and daughter of John BealAlice

Beal Family
John, Yorkshireman, carpenter, and builder of the Philanthropist, which brought Robert Owen and the “Boatload of Knowledge” from Philadelphia
Rose Ann Clark Beal, his wife
Mary, wife of Charles Slater, newspaperman
Caroline (see Lichtenberger Family)
Harry Beal, nephew of John Beal, and John Given’s other best friend
Walter Beal, nephew of John Beal and cousin of Harry
Hectorina, Walter’s wife

Fretageot Family
Achilles E. Fretageot, leading merchant in town, who was born in France to Madame Marie Duclos Fretageot, associate of Robert Owen’s partner, William Maclure
Mary, his second wife
Achilles H.
Ida and several other children

Other New Harmony Families
Armstrongs, Arnoldys, Blackburns, Boltons, Fauntleroys, Fords, Hugos, Marshals, McMunns, O’Neals, Owens, Perkeys, Smiths, Truscotts Wheatcrofts, Wiles, Wilseys

Other New Harmony Residents of Importance to the Story
Ann Bradley, woman John and half of New Harmony are in love with
Francis Cannon, childhood friend of John Given Sr., member of Owenite Preliminary Society and uncle to Ann Bradley
Michael McShane, John’s cousin
Margaret Mulhern, niece who accompanied John Sr. and Catharine to America in 1855, and “help” for the Sampson family

New Harmony’s First- and Second-Generation Descendants of Robert Owen
Children of Robert Dale and Mary Jane Robinson Owen: Florence Dale, Julian Dale, Rosamond Dale, and Ernest Dale Owen
Child of William and Mary Bolton Owen: Mary Frances Owen
Children of Robert Henry and Jane Dale Owen Fauntleroy: Constance, Ellinor, Arthur, and Edward Fauntleroy
Children of David Dale and Caroline Neef Owen: Alfred Dale, Anna Maclure, William Herschel, and Nina Dale Owen
Children of Richard and Anna Neef Owen: Nora Edgeworth, Eugene Fellenberg, and Horace Pestalozzi Owen

New Harmony’s Minerva Society Charter Members
Charlotte Mejia Sampson Boren (see Sampson Family)
Florence Dale Owen Cooper
Constance Owen Fauntleroy
Lydia Hinckley
Anna Jane Burrows Mann
Della M. Mann
Sally Nettlelton
Eliza Oetzmann
Anna Neef Owen
Virginia Fauntleroy Preaus
Mary W. Sampson (Mollie Owen—see Sampson Family)
Eliza Jane Twigg

Additional Members
Mary Elizabeth Chadwick
Harriet Mahitable Collins
Elizabeth Cooper
Ella Dietz
Miriam Elliott
Rachel Homer Fauntleroy
Ellen Hinckley
Natalie Burrows Mann
Kate Nobles
Rosamond Dale Owen
Angeline Reeder
Eliza Robson
Celia Rogers
Mary Isabelle Wheatcroft
Martha Deborah Wilsey


John Batty, quartermaster in the Army of the Potomac
Rose Given Butler, Mary Given Gleason, Ellen
Given McAuliffe, John’s Chicago aunts
Charley Diver, Donegal man in the 11th Missouri
Hamilton, black clerk with 25th in Decatur, Alabama
Mick Given, John’s uncle lost in New York
Colonel William Grower, 17th New York
Dennis O’Donnell, cousin of John’s who taught school in County Donegal
Menomen O’Donnell, John’s hero cousin from the 11th Missouri
Denis Ward from Eglish in County Donegal, 11th Missouri
George Warren, leader of the Evansville band and son of the inventor Josiah Warren
Ulysses S. Grant
Abraham Lincoln (offstage)

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