Book Cover Credits
All cover designs by Jeenee Lee Design

Photo credits, Suite Harmonic
Cover photograph, “Eigner Cabin” © Historic New Harmony/Southern Indiana University
Cover photograph modification: Jeenee Lee
Civil War jacket Courtesy Minnesota Historical Society

Photo credits, Time Stamp
Cover photograph © Robert Meier
Cover montage portrait Courtesy Robert Lee Blaffer Foundation

Other photo credits
Cover art, In the Land of the Dinosaur: Ten Stories and a Novella: “The Downs” © Emily Ball
Cover art, Watching Oksana and Other Stories: “Resist IV” © David Cost
Cover art, Clare, Loving: “Painted Mirror” © Eric Rimmington

Other Credits
Sky Spinner Press logo designs and site design: Richard Molby
Site banner and background photos: “Glass Light Series: #7 and #14″ © Robert Meier
All photos of Emily above the age of ten and photo of support team © Robert Meier
eBook conversions:

Special credit goes to Birgitta Hessler Nybeck, for all of her help to me, particularly her assistance early on with my illness, as well as for all of her careful reading of Time Stamp, which gave me two ideas for revisions of the book that helped clarify the timelines of the book itself.



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