Short Takes–Q&A

Book Group Questions for Emily

Suite Harmonic

All Things in Moderation
From lmsinca
: Considering all the research and sources you used, how long would you say you actually worked writing the book? Did you do all the research first and then write or were they concurrent in some way?

From Emily: I spent about four years doing nothing but research before I really started writing. That was tough for me because I missed writing and friends wondered what was taking me so long. There was just so much to hunt for and learn. Read more…

Time Stamp

Sappho’s Sisters  
How did you come up with the idea of intertwining the time-lines of the two stories? Did you have to make an actual blueprint to decide how that would work or did the story “tell itself” like a see-saw?

It was a matter of waiting for an idea. Read more…

Which characters do you know the best?

I should probably know Will best because I first wrote about him long ago and he’s stayed with me for years. Read more… 

In the Land of the Dinosaur
The Second Magician’s Tale
Watching Oksana
Clare, Loving

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