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Suite Harmonic

All Things in Moderation
From markinaustin: For those of us who love Civil War stories, as I do, Suite Harmonic is satisfying.  The main characters, John and Kate, become known to us as they become assimilated, as their Irish Catholicism fades, as they mature, and as they internalize the issues of their time. Read more…


All Things in Moderation
From lmsinca: There’s something about the words below that resonates with me and reminds me, again, how truly awful war is. 

“……it struck him even more how blasted Decatur was.  It was very easy to get tired of looking at nothing except a soldier’s face, Read more…

Time Stamp

Sappho’s Sisters
The time-line of Time Stamp was extremely captivating! Characters in the past moved forward, characters in the present evolved from events in the past. As these lines intersected, a unique moment was created, in which the reader could experience an epiphany about the events and characters. Read more…

All the Bluestockings were greatly struck by Reeve’s reaction to the politician that resulted in the horse’s death. They also all felt Reeve was intelligent, talented, and, because of the times and traditions, very limited and frustrated since she could not fully realize herself. As they saw her, she was overwhelmed by Will and devastated by her son’s death. Read more…

Quotes and Scenes

Sappho’s Sisters
Emily also captures the habits and gestures of the individual that are both quirky and very intimate. I found myself relating so much to the questions and insecurities both Maddie and her father Will carry with them. I also found the love relationship between Maddie and Guy very moving. There is a love scene between them that might be the most beautiful I have ever read. Read more…

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