Suite Harmonic: A Civil War Novel of Rediscovery
In the late 1850’s, a young Irishman, having abandoned his studies for the priesthood, arrives in New Harmony, Indiana… (read more)

Time Stamp
A novel that ranges over the subjects of loss, marriage, politics, and art, Time Stamp is a searing depiction of the way parents’ lives affect their children… (read more)

In the Land of the Dinosaur: Ten Stories and a Novella
The title story, which opens the collection, creates the landscape of the book and sets the tone of an insular world buffeted by change… (read more)

The Second Magician’s Tale
When a young woman rejoins a colorful group of traveling players as a replacement for her magician husband, who was lost in an explosion, her precarious state imperils the entire troupe… (read more)

Watching Oksana and Other Stories
The short story collection Watching Oksana and Other Stories features disparate voices, most of them speaking from the late 20th century… (read more)

Clare, Loving: A Novel in Three Novellas
Written in three linked novellas that move from present day Chicago to the Bicentennial summer of 1976 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and New Orleans, and then to Minnesota of the late-1950’s… (read more)

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